Dotson Memorial Baptist Church is a proud member of the Southern Baptist Convention. Every Sunday, Dotson Memorial members from throughout Blount County gather to worship the Lord through music, praise, and thanksgiving.  Our pastor shares practical and uplifting insights for life’s journey.  It has become commonplace each week to hear members and guests alike commenting on the sweet, friendly fellowship that characterizes our worship services.

Bible Study

Our Bible Study program is the heartbeat of Dotson Memorial Baptist Church.  Each Sunday morning the church family  gathers to study God’s inspired Word.  We offer Bible Study for preschoolers, children, youth, college students, career young adults, singles, and a full range of adult classes.  These include coed as well as men’s and ladies groups.


Sunday evenings, prior to the worship service, our church provides unique training opportunities for the church family.  Each quarter, adults choose from a variety of classes designed to address their needs and interests.  Examples of    topics covered include family issues, doctrine, stress management, and leadership development.  In addition to these courses, classes are provided for preschoolers, children, and youth.