Jim-JLJIt is a joy to welcome you to the family of God referred  to as Dotson Memorial Baptist Church.  Dotson Memorial is a loving and an exciting fellowship of believers. You have become a part of the family.  You will find that you may have many brothers and sisters at Dotson Memorial who will love you and pray for you. They will laugh with you in times of laughter, and they will weep with you in times of sorrow.   It is our desire to minister to you and to encourage you and to bless you.

Dotson Memorial is a Bible-believing congregation.  We believe God’s Word is absolutely true without any mixture of error.  The Bible is perfect, inerrant, and infallible.  We teach God’s Word in Sunday School, in Discipleship Training, and at all worship services.  We believe that the Bible works in today’s world, that it makes a   difference in people’s lives.  You will enjoy the strong emphasis on scripture in your new family of faith.

As your Pastor, I want to encourage you to call on me at any time you need my service.   I try to be accessible and available to the members of our church family.  If you are in the hospital or if you have other needs, please let me know and I will do my best to minister to you.  My secretary is Eunice Ownsby.  Feel free to give her any information that you would care for me to know.  Anything you share with her will be held in strictest confidence.

The Bible speaks of the Pastor as the elder, as the bishop, as the undershepherd, and as the messenger of God.  As elder, the Pastor is to be respected, to be held in esteem by the congregation.  I try to deserve that honor.  As bishop, the Pastor is the overseer of the congregation.  That does not mean he is the dictator, but it does mean that God holds him accountable for the work and the ministry of the church.  As the undershepherd, he is the guide.  He is the one that feeds the flock of God.  He is the one who in love admonishes and also who protects the congregation.  As the messenger, it is his responsibility to deliver God’s Word.  I joyfully accept those God-given responsibilities, and I ask your prayers as I seek to fulfill them.

Again, welcome to Dotson Memorial.  I’m glad you’re here.  In the days ahead, I look forward to serving the Lord together with you and getting to know you even better.


Jim Cummings