Little Tommy is the other ministry of Tom Toombs the Children’s pastor at Dotson. ****CHECK OUT HIS WEBSITE AT ***

Some say he’s just a big kid.

And, to some extent they are right. In character, as “Tommy” he wears red overalls, a yellow baseball hat perched sideways on his head, and he carries a small furry animal named “Bubba” which he describes as a “varmint.” It’s just part of the one-of-a-kind ministry of Tom Toombs.

When Tom juggled his way into the hearts of audiences beginning in 1976 with his comedy/drama/illusionist ministry, it was clear that the only limits of his efforts to communicate the gospel were the bounds of his own imagination. He has appeared before thousands for nearly three decades, reaching audiences ranging from preschoolers to senior adults.

Tom’s Amazon Page

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