This year Dotson Memorial Baptist Church has four domestic mission trips planned. It is our desire at Dotson to work alongside our missionaires and national partners to help them reach people for Jesus Christ. We value providing everyone at our church an opportunity to go on domestic mission trips and because of that we work hard to keep the cost as low as possible. We are committed to sharing The Gospel on all our trips both in word and deed.

This year we have planned mission trips to Atlanta GA, Bronx NY, Queens NY and TN Tech University in Cookeville, TN.

*The cost listed for each trip is the final cost for our church members after the application of the 40% church volunteer scholarship.

  • Atlanta, GA  (April 1-3)
    • Come alongside NAMB missionary and fellow church members, Keith and Coy Pierce who are doing church planting in Atlanta! God has been moving and they are now in their own building and have launched the Endeavor Baptist Church there where they live. We will be doing some construction and evangelism. We will stay at a local hotel and leave on the afternoon of April 1st and return back after worshipping with them on Sunday afternoon. This is a perfect missions weekend trip! Information meeting is on March 20th in room 203 at 7:00p.m. Cost: $150
  • Bronx, NYC  (August 9-15)
    • On our 3rd trip to Wake Eden Baptist Church in Bronx we will continue to deepen our partnership with this exciting Jamaican American Baptist Organization. This year we hope to expand our construction ministry to include a day of evangelistic ministry at a block party on the streets. We will help with setup and take down on the stage and as well as children’s ministry. We will stay in the church guesthouse and welcome any who would want to experience great ministry and fellowship! Information meeting is on July 3 in room 207 at 5:00 p.m. Cost: $225
  • Queens, NYC  (June 10-17)
    • This trip is an incredible missions opportunity for adults, youth, or families! We have something for everyone! Iglesia Bautista Canaan is a mostly Ecuadorian congregation pastored by Juan Carlos Suerro in the Queens. We will involve doing an evangelistic block party, music, baseball, and reading in the park. We will be staying at a local hotel this year that will improve our logistics. Information meeting is on May 1st in room 207 at 5:00 p.m. Cost: $300
  • TN Tech University (August 19-21)
    • Our own Caleb and Hannah Haney are new missionaries with Campus Outreach. They serve the Lord through evangelism and discipleship on the campus of TN Tech University. Come with the Mayberry Sunday Morning class on a missions weekend to help them in their ministry. We will stay in a hotel and leave Friday afternoon and return Sunday afternoon.  Information meeting is on August 3 in room 207 at 7:30 p.m. Cost: $100
Queens NY Comissioning

Commissioning Queens NY Mission Team