Wake up!

I can remember as a young man falling asleep in Old Testament Survey Class in college. I was complaining about it to a friend and he told me, “you need to grow up!” It was time for me to wake up and act responsibly. We have been far too blessed to sit back in comfort any longer while a lost and dying world goes to hell. If there is any possible way for you to help make a difference for God’s Kingdom let me encourage you to do so! We simply cannot ignore the opportunities that God puts in front of us as a church and we are committed to give you every possible opportunity to serve the Lord through missions.

I am so thankful for the incredible participation and support that we continue to experience on a regular basis here at Dotson. You are part of the minority in our church if you are not participating in some type of mission effort. We are extremely involved in mission efforts on every level that we know how to and are excited about placing our church in the hands of God as a strategic tool for His glory.

And do you know what the incredible mystery is? In giving and serving the Lord we are finding that it is the servant who receives the biggest blessing! Bless others and watch what happens. For example, see what joy you have in celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas after you give to someone else a gift of love and Christ through Operation Christmas Child or Christmas for the Children.

Maybe it’s time to Wake Up and get up and get involved in what God is doing through missions here at Dotson. We would love for you to join us on any of our strategic initiatives that God has us involved in the year 2017. Why not take an adventure in faith and step out of your comfort zone and serve the Lord in a unique and strategic way this year?

My wife and I thank you for your support and the privilege of serving the Lord here at our wonderful church.

In the Master’s Love,

Sean Wentley